Why You Need a Flashlight in Your Home

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There are some items that every home should have and if they don’t it should be a priority. Along with things such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and batteries you should always keep a flashlight on hand. While it would be recommended to have more than one at least a single one would be a start to home preparedness through any emergencies. Regardless of the reason, each home should have flashlights located in the kitchen area, the garage and within an emergency kit located in the utility room or basement.

There are many reasons to have a flashlight in your home ranging for safety reasons, to work related. Let’s start with some of the more common reasons. If you are ever in a storm or a power outage how would be able to safely make your way to a secure area or to find small children or elderly relatives. Trying to light candles or find your way in the dark is very unsafe and can lead to a dangerous situation. By having a flashlight in a well known area you will be ready if this even ever occurs. Using a flashlight will ensure that each member of the family can be found with ease, and that each member of the family will be able to operate the flashlight.

There are a variety of flashlights which are offered for almost everything imaginable. Some of my personal favorites are: Surefire, Maglite, Pelican, Streamlight, Insight and Energizer. There are flashlights dedicated for everyday carry use. These are often used in the home for repairs, tight dark areas, and finding those hidden socks under the bed. For emergency flashlights you will find everything from the basic kinds to the more advanced that have built in emergency radios and storm radars. There are many different kinds ranging from shake, windup, and crank flashlights that don’t require batteries. What size of flashlight should be kept within the home for the everyday emergencies? The flashlight should be held easily, and perhaps customized for each member of the family, such as, smaller lights for smaller children. Of course, it is important to keep a weather proof or heavy duty within the home just in case outdoor use is required through harsh conditions.

The type of flashlight that you purchase for your home will always depend on what you plan on using it for. Many individuals opt to buy a variety ranging from small flashlights that can be easily stored in a desk drawer to heavy duty ones that can serve as a light source in the case of a storm or power outage. Flashlights come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can range from as low as $3.00 and run into the hundred dollar range, you can even have them engraved. Sometimes, the smallest and cheapest flashlights work the best in an emergency as they can easily be help within the mouth, or taped to something to provide light. Many homeowners realize the important of stocking a heavy duty flashlight for entering outdoor buildings, or opening doors or locking windows, shutters and other aspects of the home during a storm. These weather proof flashlights are an average of twenty to thirty dollars and completely waterproof.


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